Choosing the Right Flower Girl Dress For Your Wedding

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What is one of the first things guests remember about a wedding they have attended? In many cases, it is the adorable flower girl who comes down the aisle moments before the bride. Being chosen to be flower girl in a wedding is a huge compliment for a young girl, and something she will remember for the rest of her life. A flower girl adds an element of charm and tradition to any wedding. Your flower girl will look lovely no matter what she is wearing but there is no doubt that you have a few considerations to make when choosing flower girl dresses for this all-important role.


One of the first things to consider when choosing flower girl dresses is the price. Traditionally, the parents pay for the dresses, so make sure that you are choosing a dress that fits into their budget. Dresses run the gamut in terms of price, so you should be able to find something that everyone can agree upon.


You may find the most gorgeous flower girl dresses, but unless they feel comfortable to the child wearing it, she may find her picking at it and fidgeting instead of dropping flower petals up the aisle. Make sure that the dress does not feel itchy or too tight to her. Also, some girls have no trouble walking in a longer dress, while others may have trouble.  f you are worried that your flower girl will trip, consider a tea length dress for her instead.


There are some types of flower girl dresses more suited for younger children, and some which are better for older ones. Consider the age that your flower girl will be at the time of your wedding when selecting a dress for her.


You will want your flower girl dresses to reflect the style of the wedding.  If it is a casual wedding, you will not want to choose a formal flower girl dress. You can choose a dress that is like a miniature-wedding gown, or a dress that compliments your bridesmaid dresses instead.

Her Taste and Personality

Take your flower girl’s personality into consideration when choosing flower girl dresses. It is a great idea to narrow your choices down to a few dresses that you like, and then take your flower girl along and let her give her input on which ones she likes best. You want your flower girl to feel beautiful and special and being happy with her dress will help her to do just that.


Last, but of course not least, accessories are an important component of your flower girl’s finished look. Small touches, such as headbands, trimmed socks, or floral pins can help your flower girl dresses look polished and coordinated with the rest of the wedding party.

Choosing flower girl dresses is an important part of your wedding planning, but also one of the most fun parts!