Kids fashion trends


Are you the parent of a budding fashionista? Does your daughter always have an opinion on what she wants to wear and one who is always interested in looking her very best? Does she know what is hot and up to date in kids fashion trends?  If trends for stylish kids is a daily subject of conversations in your house, then read on to learn about what is new and happening in the little fashionista world!

We already know that you daughter is all about keeping her spot at the head of the fashion class. This season, there are several solid trends in everyday girls dresses that you and your daughter need to know.

One trend that is currently hot in casual dresses department are natural and pastel tones. Lighter colors like ivory, taupe, and pale lilac are all the rage right now as spring is right around the corner. Your little girl will shine the picture of sweet innocence in these classic and ladylike trends that are a breath of fresh air!  Papilio offers several gorgeous options in pastel colours that are universally flattering and are perfect for showing-off this spring!


Kids fashion trends don’t stop there though. In addition to the lighter spring-like tones, prints, stripes and patterns are also very popular trends for stylish kids.

If your daughter likes to stand out from the crowd, then perhaps a frock patterned with stripes, polka-dots or flowers is more her style. Eye-catching designs include bold stripes, and floral patterns, both bright and pastel making it the perfect choice even for the hard-to-please mademoiselle.  Papilio offers several styles including a more casual two-piece spring outfit with a bright floral pattern, which is very comfortable for those on the move.  But lets be honest, a gorgeous ivory dress is perfect for any occasion! Just imagine, a beautiful light dress with delicate highlights of black polka dots… it offers a great deal of versatility without any doubts in sight.

Kids fashion trends -prints,-patterns

Patterns and colours are not the only highlights of the day. Fabrics receive a great deal of attention in this season’s kids’ trends. While comfort is a very important point  for almost everyone, it is especially important for children.  This season, fabrics are just right comfortable and natural.  Cotton and linen are breathable and easy to move in. No stiff and itchy dresses for your little lady!  These new looks prove that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and at Papilio, we understand that. Clients worldwide know that Papilio uses only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

kids fashion trends-fabric

The little things matter, and that brings us to a fourth tendency in kids fashion trends movement.  This season, it is all about details. Embroidery and small elements are all the range with lace, fringe, flowers, appliqués and ribbons taking center stage. Simply cut dress is made exceptional with the addition of beautiful lace edging. Muted colours stand out when they are dotted with ivory applique flowers. An everyday dress is made more special with a black satin belt and a few appliques. Small details make all the difference and express quality, style and personality.

kids fashion trends-details

Your daughter will be impressed with your fashion sense when you take her shopping for a dress and be “on-point” with all the newest fashion trends for her.

Happy shopping!
Always yours, Papilio team