Flower Girl Duties

Flower girl duties

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? Do you have a few little girls that mean the world to you? Honour these girls by asking them to be your flower girls! There is no better way to honour your favourite little ladies then by having them be a special part of your big day.

But what does being a flower girl entail? Here we have comprised a little list of flower girl duties so that you, and your flower girls, know what is expected on the wedding day.

  1. The most common duty of every flower girl is preceding the bride down the aisle. Traditionally, flower girls would carry a basket and throw flower petals along the aisle. Today, there are many new trends for flower girls. Instead of simply throwing flowers, they can throw wrapped candies, blow bubbles, or carry a small bouquet, a single long stem flower, or an oversized balloon. If your flower girl is a little nervous, have her walk down the aisle with a buddy. The ring bearer or another flower girl will help calm her nerves.
  1. During the ceremony, after the processional, the flower girls are supposed to either stand at the altar or sit with their parents. This depends on the Bride and Groom’s preferences and the age of the girls. For younger children, it is better for them to sit with their parents, as kids this age are prone to fidget. For older girls, they might enjoy standing up and being a part of the ceremony. The Bride and Groom should decide on that flower girl duty and discuss the details with the flower girls and their parents during the rehearsal.
  1. Another flower girl duty is to attend pre-wedding events. Your flower girls should attend the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and any other events being held for the bridal party. The main exception being the obvious, the Bachelorette party.
  1. Every wedding has a photographer taking posed pictures with the wedding party. The flowers girls will be included in some of these pictures. Be sure to practice posing and smiling with your youngest girls to get them ready for the long photo taking process.
  1. The final, and most fun of flower girl duties: being adorable! Typically the bride will choose the flower girls dresses. Sometimes they can be mini replicas of her wedding gown, other times flower girls dresses are simple with a sash in the wedding colours. Some brides want their flower girls with them to get ready for the wedding. This involves the girls getting their hair done. It can be a long process, so be sure to bring snacks and quiet activities to keep your girls entertained.

Being a flower girl is an honour for every little girl. Include your favourite girls in your wedding day to allow you to grow your special bond. Being a flower girl is a memory many little ones will treasure throughout their lives.