Choosing a Flower Girl

choosing a flower girl

Even though having flower girls at a wedding is optional nowadays, it is such a great wedding tradition to honor little girls in your life and let them walk down the aisle in front of you. Little girls will never forget that special moment. The question of who to include in your bridal party is always tricky and worth taking time to think through when planning your wedding. Sometimes choosing a flower girl is easy, your choice is obvious with only one niece in the family, but sometimes it can be a complicated decision that can affect those in your family. When choosing a flower girl, ask the questions below. They will help to make the right decision and create good vibes in the bridal party.

  1. How old should be your flower girl be?

Take a girl’s age into consideration when choosing a flower girl for your wedding. Normally flower girls can be from 3 to 8 years old. We would strongly recommend to choose a flower girl 5-6 years old. This way she looks cute and charming, but is old enough to walk down the aisle alone without being shy and showing attitude. If you decide to have 2-3 flower girls, you can choose an older girl to walk down the aisle with younger flower girls. The girls will definitely feel more confident.

  1. How many flower girls should you include in your bridal party?

It is always safer to have more than one flower girl in case someone feels under the weather on the day of your wedding. The ideal number of flower girls would be 3. Do not choose more than 3 flower girls, because together with a ring bearer, it will look like a daycare parade. Plus it can take attention away from that precious moment when the groom and guests watch the bride to walk down the aisle.

  1. How should your flower girls be related to you?

There is no question that your first choice will be among your family and close friends. Do not offend people by choosing the daughter of your best friend over one of your nieces. Instead, try to keep the peace in your family and bridal party by choosing 2-3 flower girls. It will not only make everyone happy, but also give you a plan B.

  1. Will your choice of a flower girl cause any conflicts?

It might! Many little girls dream of becoming a flower girl one day. Sometimes you will leave out your older nieces and choose an adorable little girl to become a flower girl on your big day. It can seriously hurt someone’s feelings. There is a simple solution for this: if your niece is older than 8 years old, you can make her a junior bridesmaid.

  1. Will your flower girls be able to play the role and perform her responsibilities?

Sometimes parents or the bride want a girl to be a flower girl more than she does. Some little girls are not able to handle crowds and they get stressed or shy. Some will even start misbehaving to get extra attention. You do not need drama on your wedding day. Your flower girl should be cute, yet sweet and friendly. Talk to the girl’s parents in order to understand if your flower girl will be able to handle her role. Artistic and outgoing girls are usually the best!

  1. Should you practice with your flower girls?

Yes, yes, and yes!!! They will get used to their role and understand their responsibilities. Plus it will make them feel more comfortable and relaxed on the big day. Make sure to invite your flower girls to the rehearsal dinner or organise a mini training in advance.

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