Expert Advice: Choosing Flower Girl Dresses


Before taking your flower girls shopping, you first have to decide on your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses. This will help to give you a better idea on a style you want for your flower girls. Bridesmaid and flower girls walk down the aisle in front of a bride. It looks beautiful when all girls complement each other and do not take away any attention. All the “ahhh”s and “ohhh”s that day must be towards the main girl – the bride.

choosing-flower-girl-dress-1There are a few other things to take into consideration while choosing flower girl dresses. First of all, think of the formality of your wedding. If it is a simple wedding, light summer dresses for girls in blush, pale blue, or green will be perfect. If it is a formal style wedding, you should choose something fancy. Mini replicas of wedding gowns will be ideal for the wedding in a banquet hall or castle. The season a wedding is taking place in is also very important. If you are getting married in the summer or spring, do not choose flower girl dresses with long sleeves. It is the worst when kids start complaining and whining. If your wedding is in the fall or winter, think of matching tights.

In terms of colors, the most popular colors for flower girls dresses remain the same – hues of white, ivory and pink. You can maintain the colors of your wedding by adding pretty ribbons, bows, flowers or colorful accessories to your flower girls’ look.

Another important factors you should consider choosing a flower girl dress are quality and comfort. No matter what wedding you have and how old your flower girls are, keep them comfortable. Flower girl dresses not only must look pretty, but also feel and fit nicely. Flower girls dresses with loose silhouettes, flowy light skirts, and relaxed tops will make little girls enjoy and move freely the whole day. We would strongly recommend to buy 1-2 sizes up depending on your timing and the age of your flower girls.

While looking for flower girl dresses, try to search for the dresses that are made of good quality fabrics and soft materials. Do not choose flower girl dresses made of silk or velvet, as those get ripped and wrinkled faster. You want your flower girls look neat and pretty on every picture.

Choosing flower girls dresses gets complicated when you have a limited budget. The best solution will be to shop online, because sometimes online boutiques will not only offer better selection, but also better prices and discounts. You can also talk to your flower girl’s parents and see if they like to invest in more luxurious dress for their little ones. She will definitely be able to wear the dress many more times for a variety of special occasions.