Flower Girls Dresses for Beach Weddings

Flower girl dresses for beach weddings

Dear bride-to-be, are you in the middle of planning your perfect beach wedding? Hopefully you have already got your wedding dress and given great thought to what your bridesmaids will be wearing. Now it is time to shift your attention to the little members in your bridal party… your flower girls! Although they are small, flower girls will play an important role on your wedding day. Not only do flower girls symbolize fertility for the new family, but also give wedding pictures an extra dose of cuteness and joy!

Flower girl dresses for beach weddingsIf you are planning a beach wedding, deciding what to wear to a wedding at the beach can tough. Especially for the little ones in your wedding party, their comfort is the key! If your flower girls are hot and uncomfortable in their dresses, it will 100% reflect on their mood and behaviour during the big day.

Keep the weather in mind when choosing your flower girl dresses for beach weddings. Be sure to choose flower girl dresses made of light and airy fabrics are in order to keep your girls cool and comfy for the whole day. Fabrics like chiffon, lace, and tulle are breathable yet look elegant enough for even more formal beach weddings.

It is also important to consider the silhouette of the flower girl dress. Dresses that are full length with multiple layers might not be ideal for a beach wedding setting. Kids will be kids and those dresses will trap sand causing them to look unpolished. Consider shorter length dresses with skirts that are less voluminous. Finally, steer clear of anything with sleeves, as they will just cause your flower girls to overheat.

The final aspect of choosing flower girl dresses for beach weddings is to consider the colour of the dresses. Traditional white and blush dresses look amazing for any wedding setting; however, with the beach theme you can go a little more unique. Try soft blues, sea foam greens, and bright coral for your flower girl dresses. Colours that are found on the beach and in the ocean will complete your theme, not to mention thrill your girls!

Having flower girls at your wedding is a win-win for many different reasons. When considering a beach wedding, just be sure to put special thought into your flower girl dresses to ensure that you, and the girls, are all beaming on the big day!