Flower Girl Etiquette and Flower Girl Duties


Adorable flower girls walk down the aisle in front of the bride or the bridal party. Having flower girls at a wedding is a symbol of fertility and well-being for a the newly married couple. Flower girl etiquette is always changing, however, timeless wedding traditions stay the same or get slightly updated with current trends and personal touches. There are a couple of important flower girls duties you must be aware of when planning your wedding. Besides being charming and delightful on the wedding day, flower girls are required to attend the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. Spending time with bridal party will help the flower girls to increase their comfort level, introduce them to the rest of wedding party, and make them feel important. Make sure to give your flower girls a little job to do during your bridal shower or rehearsal. It will hold their attention and help you to bond.

flower-girl-etiquette-and-flower-girl-dutiesOn the wedding day, flower girls typically carry a basket of flower petals and scatter them while walking down the aisle in front of the bride. Another option is that they can simply hold a small flower bouquet, smiling and looking cute. Some modern brides will even ask their flower girls to hold balloons to bring a cheerful mood to their celebration. Do not give your flower girl too many balloons, you do not want her to fly away! During the ceremony the flower girls duty is to stand next to bridesmaids and behave. If your flower girls are younger than 5 years old, it will be good if they can be seated next to their parents during the ceremony. When leaving the ceremony, flower girls will walk in front of the maid of honor. During the wedding dinner, your  flower girls will stay with their parents or sit at the kids’ table depending on your wedding arrangements. It will be more fun for flower girls, ring bearers and other guests’ kids to be seated in the same area. Another flower girl duty is to take pictures with the bridal party. You should practice with your girls in advance and ask parents to supervise during your photo shoot in order to get the best pictures possible.

One of the main questions regarding flower girl etiquette is who pays for the flower girls dress. Nowadays, it is quite flexible and depends on the relationship the couple has to a flower girl. Traditionally, the parents of the flower girl usually pays for the flower girl dress, shoes and accessories. This outfit can be easily used for other celebrations, like Easter or a birthday. The bride and groom will sponsor flower arrangements, baskets, and other accessories. Sometimes the bride and groom will give a flower girl her dress as a present to the special little girl in their life. Before buying your flower girl’s dress you should consult with the flower girl’s parents. Ask them what style, skirt length and material will work the best, what size she needs, and offer a couple of dresses as options that will work with your wedding theme.