Flower Girl Hairstyles

flower girl hairstyles

Having flower girls at your wedding means bestowing a huge honor on your favorite little girls. Traditionally, flower girls were meant to bless a couple with prosperity and fertility and this adorable tradition stayed relevant until today.

With dressing up your flower girls, there are many things to consider. Their dress, shoes, and accessories make the flower girls’ look. Brides spend a lot of time determining the flower girls dresses and outfits that matches their theme and vision, however there is one aspect of a flower girl’s ensemble that sometimes gets overlooked: her hairstyle!

When choosing a flower girl hairstyle, there are many factors to consider. Some of these considerations are weather and season, plus the dress she is going to wear, her hair type and length, and, of course, her age. We have compiled a list of different types of hairstyles for weddings and things to consider when choosing each one.

Up-do Hairstyles for Kids:


Weddings and Up-do hairstyles are a match made in Heaven. These styles are more formal and allow for your flower girls to move freely without having their hair make them too hot. Up-do hairstyles are perfect for girls with fine hair; they will not damage their hair. These styles can incorporate braids or curls for extra charm, or be simple with a sleek bun.

Warmer weather and formal weddings are ideal for up-do flower girl hairstyles. If your flower girl is wearing a dress with a lot of details on the top, consider the up-do hairstyle. This will ensure that her hair does not cover any lovely dress features.

Half-Up Flower Girls Hairstyles:


The most common girls’ hairstyle for weddings is the half-up style. This style is also the most versatile. One tip for this hairstyle is to find aspects of different styles and combine them in order to create something truly unique. Braids, twists, curls, and rolls can all be incorporated into the half-up style in a variety of ways.

Any half-up hairstyle is perfect for weddings in spring or summer. These hairstyles look natural and lovely in an outdoor wedding setting. Half-up hairstyles also add more detail to a flower girl’s look when their dress is a little simpler.

Down Hairstyles for Flower Girls:


The last kind of flower girl hairstyle is the simplest. Let your little girl’s hair flow freely down her back. This style allows girls to show off either their natural hair texture or their perfectly styled curls. Girls with shorter hair that cannot be styled into the up-do or half-up hairstyles should also consider leaving their hair down. Finally, certain girls, usually the younger ones, are not able to sit still long enough to have their hair done so this is a perfect alternative.

No matter what hairstyle you choose for your flower girls, do not forget to accessorize! Incorporate ribbons, hair bands, bows, tiaras, flowers, and sparkling pins to create added interest. Be sure to match these hair accessories with their dress to ensure a cohesive look. These small details will make all the difference with your girls and allow them to feel most beautiful.