Ultimate Flower Girl Gifts Ideas


Are you looking for fun and creative ideas for flower girl gifts?

Of course, your flower girls deserve the best! First of all, the flower girl gifts you choose must be related to your wedding theme. Maybe you were thinking about giving them flower girls accessories to match with their adorable dresses. At the same time, you might want to give them something they are going to love and remember. There are so many ideas online so that you can feel a little bit lost and frustrated. However, we are here to help! We have broken down some gift ideas into categories to make your wedding planning more enjoyable. Continue reading until the end for the ultimate flower girl gifts!

Personalized flower girls gifts


The best sentimental gift is personalizing someone’s favorite things. You can engrave wedding gifts with the recipient’s name. For example, a lovely idea for your flower girl gifts can be putting the little ones’ names on jewelry pieces such as necklaces or bracelets. So, they can wear something extraordinary for your wedding day. If you are the bride who wants to give more versatile gifts, try personalizing girls’ names with embroidery on tote bags, backpacks or even hand purses. Another cool idea can be personalizing mugs or lunch kits. Just remember that personalized items add a unique touch and sentimental values.


Flower girl themed clothing


You can get matching T-shirts for all members of your bridal party to wear for any events related to your wedding. For example, you can order them cute flower girls T-shirt matching you and your bridesmaids. Let your little girls feel that they are a part of the group. On top of that, they will look super adorable. You can also match your bridal party’s T-shirts with your wedding colors and theme. You can also add a little tutu for a cute and fun look. And here is a bonus idea for you: buy your flower girls mini kimonos matching with your bridesmaids. Your flower girls will look adorable on all wedding photos! After all, let’s be honest flower girls have to look the cutest.


Flower girl accessories


Make sure you accessorize your flower girls for your wedding. Flower girls accessories can be the best gifts you can give to the girls at the age of 4 to 10. At the same time, they are memorable. Plus adding accessories to a flower girl dress or outfit adds personality and completes a tres chic look. Flower girl accessories will also help to style your little girls. For example, if you a boho bride-to-be, you can give your flower girls DIY flower crowns as a present. For brides who are not using flowers, personalized chunky bracelets and necklaces can be an excellent gift option. And don’t forget about little flower girl shoes and flower girl baskets, those items are fabulous wedding gifts.


Wedding theme toys


Without a doubt, every kid would love to receive toys as a gift before or at your wedding. Before your wedding day, you can find bridal theme toy sets to give to your flower girls. For instance, you can present them a pair of teddy bears dressed like a bride and a groom. This flower girl gift is perfect to let little members know about your special day is coming. If your flower girl loves dolls, Barbie-bride can be a choice. Giving something your flower girl or girls will love to play with is always an excellent plan.  If you want to give them gifts during your wedding day and keep them entertained with fun activities, you can buy coloring books and colored crayons. Let your flower girls build their creativity.


DIY Art Kits


Continuing the idea of building creativity, the best gift you can give little kids is art kits to show off their talents. Art tools can range from paint sets to DIY nifty crafts. For example, the painting sets come with art brushes, paint, colored markers and canvas paper. For DIY crafts, you can give your flower girls jewelry kits of beads and crystals to make their bracelets, earrings or necklaces. If you want to keep your flower girls amused for the whole night, you can organize the art corner at your wedding. For example, try to look for paper dolls with a variety of paper dresses and other fancy clothes to keep your flower girls amused for the whole night. You will be the coolest bride ever when you give fun and original flower girls gifts!


Flower girls gift baskets

flower girl gift baskets

Lastly, for the ultimate flower girl gifts, you can pick a couple of present ideas mentioned above and arrange them in baskets with shredded colored paper. Wrap your baskets in clear wrap and tie them up with fancy ribbons or flowers. When you present flower girl gifts to your little girls, their genuine joy, and real happiness will set the right mood for the rest of your bridal party!